Slots Bonuses: Learn about casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are incentives given to players by online casinos. In a nutshell, these extra perks are bestowed to players to keep them happy and playing their favourite games. A good casino knows that these little rewards attract punters, that’s why they offer all kinds of bonuses and promotions.

If you’ve been playing in casinos for some time, you’ve probably encountered some of the most common bonuses such as first deposit, reload bonus or loyalty rewards. But how exactly do they work and how can they affect the winnings you take home? If your interest is piqued, read further and get to know more about casino slot bonuses!

Types of casino bonuses you can encounter

Aside from the common casino perks you encounter, there are other bonuses that can give you a bang for your buck. Usually, you can come across them randomly or through promotional emails. Here are some of the bonuses you can find in online casino sites:

Welcome bonus 

A welcome bonus is something offered to first-time players in online casinos. Under the welcome bonus, there are two incentives that are offered to players: no deposit bonus and the perks that players can receive upon their first deposit.  There are some casinos that can be applied to future deposits. If you want to know up to what deposit this bonus is applicable, you can read the terms and conditions of the casino. 

In most casinos, this perk is presented in percentage form that usually ranges from 25% to 100%. 

Cashback offers 

A cashback offer or bonus is an incentive given to players to help them get back some of their wagers. One thing to remember about this bonus is that there is a required amount of deposit that needs to be fulfilled in order to claim the bonus. Upon claiming your cashback offer, you will instantly receive a boost in your bankroll. 

In casinos, a cashback bonus can be a part of a VIP program. 

Free Spin bonus

This type of bonus is one of the most common incentives you’ll encounter in casino sites. Usually, Free Spin bonuses are applicable for slot games. Game providers and casinos assign the amount of Free Spins incentives per game. 

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is a common perk offered to online casino players. What makes this incentive exciting is that it doesn’t require players to place a deposit. Usually, this bonus allows players to play for free without worrying about losing money.

Percentage Deposit Bonus

The percentage deposit bonus is another exciting incentive you can receive from casinos. Usually, this bonus is used to attract players to wager and play more games by allowing them to deposit based on the rate of their initial bet. 

Multiple Deposit Bonus 

A multiple deposit bonus is one of the most popular casino perks among players. If you’re a thrill-seeker, this incentive allows you to place three consecutive deposits. In addition, you can receive extra payouts for your 4th and 5th deposits.  

Monthly and Reload Bonus 

Monthly and reload bonuses are some of the most thrilling incentives offered to casino players. As the name suggests, this bonus is offered on a monthly basis. Usually, this type of bonus is only available for players who are already registered in the casino. 

Game-specific bonus 

A game-specific bonus is applicable for certain games. This is a great incentive that offers visibility to the games the bonuses are meant for. Moreover, it promotes both the game and the bonus as well. If you’re a player who likes to enjoy specific games, this incentive is for you. 

Game release bonus

This bonus may not be as popular as the others, but it’s offered in some casinos and it can give players a substantial increase to their bankroll. Usually, the game release bonus is offered to players when new games are released. It can be Free Spins or Extra Chips, depending on the game. In most cases, players are notified of this bonus a day or a month before the game is available on the site. 

Payment method bonus

The payment method bonus allows you to win payouts as much as 20% if you use the right method for settling your transactions. Usually, you can find the casino’s preferred payment method on their information page. So, if you’re interested in taking home big bucks, you should check the site you’re using and take note of the payment methods they want. 

Loyalty bonus 

For online casinos, players who are loyal to the site is just as important as gaining new ones. That’s why they offer loyalty bonuses that can compel existing users to keep playing on the site. 

Loyalty bonuses offer various types of perks for players. It can be access to exclusive tables or extra game chips, depending on the casino’s terms and conditions. Make sure to check out these types of bonuses because if you qualify for it, it would be a great thing to take advantage of.

VIP and high roller casino bonus

Players who love to gamble and deposit huge sums of money are eligible for this type of bonus. The VIP and high roller bonuses are lavish when it comes to giving out bonuses. Usually, they provide free game tickets for sporting events or a holiday trip to their high rollers. In some casinos, they also give gadgets to compel their players to keep playing. 

Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus is a rare incentive that you can use to gamble but not withdraw. However, note that you can only get a hold of this bonus when you fulfil the required playthrough of the game you are playing. 

Developer-specific bonus

This type of bonus is specific to games developed by certain providers. Usually, they offer exciting bonuses for their loyal customers. The most common developer-specific bonus is offered by NetEnt. 

Birthday bonus 

Online casinos want to make their players feel extra special on their birthdays. They do this by giving out birthday bonuses that can be used without placing a deposit. Most of the time, these incentives come in the form of Free Loads, Free Spins, or Cash that can be used on any game. However, note that not all casinos have this offer so better check with your site if they have it. 

Refer a friend bonus 

To get more players, online casinos offer a Refer-a-friend-bonus that will incentivize players who will bring in new players. Usually, if a player successfully gets a friend to register, the referee and the referral will both receive a bonus from the casino. This can come in the form of Free Spins or cash that can be used on any game. 

Free Time Bonus

Free time bonuses can grant players substantial wins depending on the game you’re playing. Most of the time, this incentive is available for game titles with fast gameplay. However, you should note that this bonus needs to be used up before the one hour cut off of the bonus. 

Tournament bonus

Tournament bonuses are offered in different game promotions where players can participate. Usually, tournaments use blackjack, poker, or slot games. The person who gets on top of the leaderboard is the winner. 

Exclusive bonus

Exclusive bonuses are incentives that you can only find in the casino you’re using. Most of the time, these bonuses are advertised in different themes and mechanics to excite players to participate. 

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is an incentive offered to players who are already registered in the casino. Usually, this can be claimed when players refresh their deposits. Incentives like match-up and free spins are under the reload bonus. 

Free Chip bonus

A Free Chip is an incentive you can receive upon signing up in a casino. Usually, the casino gives free chips that players can use in specific games. You can check with your casino to see what games this incentive is eligible for. 

Device-specific bonus

A game-specific bonus is a casino incentive that you can claim depending on the device you are using. Some online casinos offer this for players who use phones and tablets.  

Bonus code

A bonus code is a casino perk that you can receive when you use a specific code from your casino. If you’re a new player on the site, you can find this code at the bottom of the sign-up page. 

For regular players, they can receive this perk on a weekly basis. It can be sent through email to unlock special incentives that can be used for different games. The bonus code can be applied to game features such as Free Spins and  Free Games.

Payment methods you can use to claim casino bonuses

Online casinos provide different types of payment methods so players can claim the bonuses they offer. Here are some of the most common payment methods you can use for your bonuses: 

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards are the most common way to claim casino bonuses. The downside of this method is that it’s not fit for withdrawals. Additionally, paying through cards can be a hassle as a lot of payment institutions discriminate against casino-related transactions. Moreover, details such as your name, address, and account number are visible, so if you like to keep a low profile, this method is not for you. 

If you don’t have any other options to settle your casino transactions, you can make a separate account where you can put your funds for playing. 

Prepaid cards 

Prepaid cards are dependable payment methods if you’re looking forward to depositing your funds. However, you should note that not all online casinos accept prepaid cards. Moreover, withdrawing your funds can be cumbersome with this method as you need to link it on your bank account. 

If you want to play using prepaid cards, you can do so but check with if your casino accepts them. The most reliable card for players is Paysafe. 


E-wallets are the quickest way to settle your casino transactions because you can connect it to your account. Additionally, they come with cheaper fees and you can do multiple transactions. Furthermore, it’s very easy to do withdrawals and deposits. 

In some casinos, they offer bonuses for e-wallet users. Some of the most common wallets you can use are Skrill and Paypal. Remember that not all casinos offer promos and e-wallets for e-wallets. 


Digital assets are new payment methods accepted by online casinos. Cryptocurrency is the perfect payment method for casinos because they don’t discriminate between casino-related transactions. Moreover, it keeps information private for players who value their privacy. 

Aside from the efficiency and fast transaction, payments through cryptocurrency have cheap fees because it’s not controlled by a central government. Some of the most popular assets you can use are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. 

Money transfer 

Money transfer is the oldest way to settle your transactions in casinos. You can opt for bank transfers, wire transfers, and other payment systems linked to the bank you’re using. However, if you want fast transactions, you should know that this method takes time. In most cases, it takes 3 to 4 days before your payments get processed. 

Things to remember when claiming your casino bonuses

  • Before applying for a bonus, you should note about the wagering requirements. Some casinos have requirements you need to fulfil before you can claim certain bonuses. To know more about the incentive requirements, you can read all about it in the terms and conditions section. 
  • Once you claim your bonus, you have to read about the wagering requirements because some online casinos have them. While not all games have wagering limits, you have to check with bonuses to make sure you can maximize your bets. Usually, you can find it in deposit bonuses, match bonuses, and multipliers.