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As technology advances, many users prefer playing digital games than going to land-based casinos. Since it’s convenient and can save them lots of time and money, manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to innovate a machine that will adapt to the evolving digital technology — and that is where Video Poker came into the picture. 

In order to cater to the public’s interest, Video Poker was released in 1970. It became an instant massive hit and is still considered as one of the best games to play in casinos to this day. If you’re familiar with how the original Poker is played, you’ll find this game easy as the cards are already given and all you need is to maximize the usage of the game’s features to form the best hand. Learn more about online Video Poker below.

How to play Video Poker?


Video Poker is simple and easy to understand. If you’re thinking that it’s similar to Poker in table games, it is in a way since they also form the same hand. However, since it’s digital, you no longer need a live dealer and a table. 

Just wager between the minimum and maximum bet and the game will draw you five cards where you can discard any of the ones you picked for another set in case you want to improve your hand. Despite this though, you can only do this once so make sure to choose the cards to be discarded wisely.

Hold the cards you want to exchange and click the ‘Deal’ button. Another set of cards will appear and you have to click the ‘Draw’ button to receive a payout. If your hand appears on the paytable, then you win the corresponding rewards. The paytable comprises of different hands such as the following: 

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four Aces
  • Four 2s
  • Four 3s
  • Four 4s
  • Four 5s Thru Kings
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • 3 of a Kind
  • Two Pair
  • Jacks or Better.

Additionally, Video Poker brings a lot of fun because you can take your time playing and choosing the cards you’d like to exchange since there are no opponents you have to defeat. However, be careful because you can lose more than your initial bets if you fail to form a better hand after the cards are exchanged. 


The version of Jacks or Better Video Poker has an RTP or return-to-player percentage of 99.55% and is commonly known as a 9-6 machine. The rewards for each hand are as follows: 

  • Pair of Jacks or Better gets 1
  • Two pair gets 2
  • Three of a Kind gets 3
  • Straight gets 4
  • Flush gets 6
  • Full house gets 9
  • Four of a Kind gets 25
  • Straight Flush gets 50

Royal Flush gets 250.

Strategies to win in Video Poker

Video Poker is a game of chance. However, if you incorporate smart strategies while playing the game, it can bring you huge fortune in no time. To increase your winnings, we’ve listed down some strategies you can play to ace the game: 

Always hold card rankings in your hand

Whether it’s a royal flush, straight flush, full house, four of a kind, three of a kind, or two pairs, obtaining them as part of your final hand can double your winnings in no time. Thus, make sure that all cards that you will discard can possibly form a hand that will trigger the mentioned card rankings above. 

To form a four of a kind, you can discard the remaining two cards when you have a three of a kind. Meanwhile, you can maximize your chance to get a full house if you will discard the gift card when you have two pairs. Additionally, remember that it is important to split the flush or straight only when you have four cards or a royal flush. 

Keep a low pair instead of a single high card

To get more chances of winning huge, it’s better to not draw a four-card inside straight, especially when the missing card is in the middle instead of in the end. This can limit your chance to improve your card when you ‘Deal’ them. However, if the hand contains three high cards, then you can take a shot and click the ‘Draw’ button. 

Keep watch of your bank roll

Winning is every player’s dream. However, if you think you’re overspending the allocated budget on your balance, it’s also important to know when to quit. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no guts to risk it all but would you risk it for nothing or would you just settle for your not-so-expected-prize? Of course, it’s better to be on the latter’s lane than lose it all. 

Additionally, all veterans in Video Poker and Poker alike have also experienced backing out from the game when the odds weren’t in their favour. Don’t worry because you can still try the next day as Video Poker can be accessed anywhere and anytime. For the meantime, you can practice your skills first before placing bets on the real game. 

Not only will this improve your analytical skills but it can also test your memorization skills, you can think of a decision in an instant and your enhanced memory will be able to remember what you have learned here. Furthermore, practice makes you better than nothing at all so turn on your computer now or whatever device you have on and excel in Video Poker like never before.

Different variations of Poker games you can play

Aside from Video Poker, the real Poker that can be played in a table is also fun. Plus, you don’t need to visit a land-based casino anymore because you can access it on our website. As a matter of fact, you have lots of variations to choose from and all you need is to select which one best fits your style. To help you decide which game to play, check out their information and differences below: 

Texas Hold’em 

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variants of poker, played by amateurs and veterans who have joined various Poker competitions for years. Additionally, this game has also been televised during the 2000s, paving the way for the increase in its popularity. 

In fact, a famous Poker player named Chris Moneymaker bagged a huge amount worth $2.5 million during the WSOP Main Event in 2003. Back then, he was just an amateur player who dreamt big of accumulating a large jackpot then the event came and his life has changed. 

Similar to the basic rules of Poker, Texas Hold’em’s rules are also easy to understand. All players must wager a ‘blind’ first or also called as the ‘ante’ before they can proceed with the round. Afterwards, the dealer will draw two hole cards to each player and the action will start from the player in the left of the big blind and moves clockwise. 

Players have the opportunity to improve their hand or back out from the game. They can choose either to ‘Call’, ‘Raise’ or ‘Fold’, whichever comes more convenient for them. Once all additional bets and decisions have been made, the dealer will deal three cards onto the table, which are called the ‘Flop’. 

Following the ‘Flop’, the ‘Turn’ will now be dealt on the next round and after one more betting, the ‘River’ will finally be drawn. These are called ‘community cards’ that players can use to get the best poker hand. The game continues following these rules until all players have folded and only one player remains. 

Omaha Hi

Omaha Hi is the second most popular variant of Poker that has been used widely across the globe nowadays. The ‘Hi’ from its name is derived from the ‘highest hand’ that will accumulate the entire pot at Showdown. Since we’ve already discussed how to play Texas Hold’em, understand Omaha Hi will now be easier since they almost have the same gameplay. 

However, instead of two hole cards, the dealer will deal four hole cards to each player in Omaha Hi. Similar to the mentioned poker variants above, all players must form the best 5-card hand but they should utilize two of their four hole cards and only three out of five community cards can be used during showdown. 

The only advantage of Omaha Hi over Texas Hold’em Poker is that since it deals you with four hole cards, you have more chances of forming good card combinations during the game.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Meanwhile, the Omaha Hi-Lo is a variant of Omaha Hi that goes with the same rules but the only difference is that the pot is divided into two for the highest 5-card poker hand and the lowest. Thus, it’s a little bit difficult to win in Omaha Hi-Lo since the cards should meet certain conditions to qualify for the ‘low’ hand unless payout cannot be claimed during showdown. 

Omaha Hi-Lo is also called ‘Omaha 8-or-Better’ that signifies the main goal of the game which is to form five cards with a ‘low’ hand ranking 8 or lower. Meanwhile, the lowest possible hand would be a combination of Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5 while the highest ‘low’ hand can be 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4. 

Since it’s similar to Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi, there are also community cards that can be used by players to improve their hand in Omaha Hi-Lo.

5-card Draw

In 5-card Draw, players are given their own separate hand not visible to their opponent to intensify the surprise factor in the game. Just like the other variants mentioned above, all you need is to form the best poker hand to win. 

Before players can proceed to the round, they must wager a small and big blind first. Afterwards, the dealer will now draw 5 cards to each player and they can either ‘Fold’, ‘Call’ or ‘Raise’ depending on their strategies to ace the game. The game continues until there are no more remaining players. However, if there are still few of them, the Showdown can be reached which will determine the winner of the huge pot of 5-card Draw Poker. 

One of the most exciting parts in playing this game is that your cards are not visible to other players which heightens your interest when playing. Additionally, since the game doesn’t require several complex instructions, the movement from one hand to the next is quicker and you’ll enjoy forming more hands in 5-card Poker compared to other variants. 

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