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Hear the chime of success in every spin and be astounded by the loud cheers of people waiting for you to win the jackpot prize. Will you risk it or lose it? The choice is in your hands, so better decide now before you lose the opportunity to win in online slots today. 

Slots, slots, slots—wherever and whatever casino you are in, there will always be slot games. It offers a variety of options starting from adventure, oriental to horror and even music-themed games, that’s why it’s no wonder why online slots are popular to this day. 

Before we delve deeper into the different kinds of slot games such as jackpot slots and regular slots, let’s have a brief overview first of where this casino game originated and how it grew over the centuries. Check them out below.

Online slots: The beginning of a new century

In case you’re not yet familiar with how it began, slot machines often come in large quantities when you visit land-based casinos. They are one of the most popular games players would love to play, that’s why operators prioritize adding them before any other casino games. 

Even when you browse through catalogues of online casinos like Slots Bonuses, you can see thousands of available slot games ranging from different themes such as Ancient Egypt, oriental, aliens, space, anime and more. 

Following its history, slot machines originated in America and were created by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York in 1891. Making Poker as the inspiration, the first creation had five drums that can hold 50 card faces similar to that of Poker’s. When it became a huge hit in the city, all bars displayed slot machines to add entertainment for people who will visit their place. 

Back in the day, instead of money, players would insert a nickel that serves as their wager and pull a lever to get the reels spinning. From classic slots to modern slots, slot games have evolved to a great degree, all thanks to game providers who never stop innovating new games. Even the user interface and graphics of slots improved, making players around the world hooked in the game. 

Additionally, slot machines are known for different names such as ‘fruit machine’, ‘puggy’, ‘the slots’, ‘fruities’, ‘slots’, and since it is inspired by Poker, it is also called ‘poker machine’ or ‘pokies’. Now, slot machines accept cash, token, coin or voucher depending on the condition of casinos. On another note, online casinos often require cash which will be converted to the currency used by the game.

Different types of online slots

As mentioned earlier, there are jackpot slots and regular slots available when playing slots online. Aside from that, there are also mobile slots, mega spin slots, multi-payline slots and more that will be discussed in this section. Now that you’re familiar with its history, it’s time to understand its different types so you can determine which of them are better to play. Check them out below:

3-reel slots

3-reel slots are the easiest type of slots to play. You don’t need to understand complex instructions and all you need is to wager between the minimum and maximum then you’re good to go. This type of slot is also called a ‘classic slot’ since it shows the original appearance of old slot games. The symbols often used in this are usually fruits that’s why slot machines were branded as a ‘fruit machine’ before.

Mega Spin slots

Meanwhile, the Mega Spin slots allow you to play multiple games in one slot. Take your chances and win big today! You can wager as many times as you want since rewards are paid separately. Some game providers that have these games are Booongo and Yggdrasil. Feel free to check them out to experience a one of a kind game that will make your winnings go wild.

5-reel slots

Modern slots belong in this category since they often use 5 reels in the game. There are a variety of regular online slots created by game providers that will make you ooh and ahh in excitement. Some of them include Booongo’s Goddess of the Moon, Play’n GO’s Book of Dead and Yggdrasil’s Wilhelm Tell. 

Most adventure, horror, Wild West games and more use 5-reel set-up because many players are already familiar with it so they won’t have a hard time adjusting to other features of the games. Additionally, this type of game can also provide you with large payout so you don’t need to worry if you can win because you will definitely bag a fortune if you’re lucky.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are the type of slot that doesn’t have a guaranteed jackpot prize. Instead, it increases every time a player inserts a wager. It will only be redeemed once a player wins the game. They are also called ‘jackpot slots’ and are often hard to win at since it’s definitely a ‘game of luck’ but with proper strategies, you can have great chances of winning. 

Additionally, progressive slots don’t emphasize the odds anymore since it’s more on the rewards you can get when you claim the jackpot prize. However, most progressive slots require you to bet on the maximum in every round so it’s better to watch out your balance as well to prevent yourself from overspending.

Mobile slots

The beauty of playing in online casinos is that you can access it anywhere and anytime as long as you have a desktop, tablet or smartphone. However, there are slot games that are solely created to cater the public who only uses mobile phones as their gaming device. 

Multi-payline slots

The number of paylines means the number of how many times you can win in the game. The higher the payline is, the higher your chances at winning. There are games that give you a chance to win up to 243 ways or more. If you want to play games that provide you with huge rewards, better check out their paylines first to ensure your wins.

Features of slot games

Aside from a variety of themes you can enjoy, the features of online slots add to the fun when playing the game. Get to know what game providers have created to spice up your game below:

Wild Symbols

Landing a wild symbol on the reels gives you a chance to increase your winnings. They can either substitute all symbols or cover the entire reel to let you form winning combinations easily. Other games have multiplier wilds that reward you with additional spins and payout. However, online slots still vary on their instructions but oftentimes wild symbols function the same for most slot games available on our website. 

Aside from the regular wild symbols, there are also ‘Sticky Wilds’ that ‘stick’ in one position for the whole round, giving you more chances to win in every cascade of new symbols. It disappears after a few spins or for some games, when the round ends.

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds come with different instructions depending on the game. However, if you are going for Booongo’s games, most of their games have bonus rounds that let you obtain four jackpots such as Mini, Minor, Major and the Grand, which is the jackpot prize of the game. Some game providers also include this kind of round on their games but Booongo is the only provider who does this often. 

Additionally, the bonus rounds are where the jackpot prize of the game can be acquired so make sure to activate them as many times as possible so you have more chances to win.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols often trigger the bonus round, letting you accumulate more payout and win the jackpot prize of the game. Usually, it appears on reels 2, 3 and 5 but it still depends on the slot game you want to play. Additionally, scatter symbols oftentimes reward payout or free spins as well so watch out for them on the reels because they can grant your more prizes!

Free Spins

If there are wilds and scatters that grant you more prizes, the free spins feature allows you to increase your chances at winning by giving you another shot to spin the reels without the need to wager money. Some online slots can grant you with up 30 free spins depending on the game. Thus, it is also important that you check the game first and decide if it’s worth playing before placing real money.

Top slot games of all time

Before anything else, it would be better if you will get to know the best slot games of all time first which are already proven and tested by giving large payout. Here are some of them:

Cash Splash

Powered by Microgaming, Cash Splash is one of the pioneer games released by Microgaming since its establishment in 1995. However, it was only designed with a 3-reel format back then, making it difficult for players to trigger the progressive jackpot of the game. 

As years went by, Microgaming remodeled the slot game and made it into a 5-reel format with a wild symbol on the features. The wild helped in activating the jackpot prize of the game that’s why many players have won large payout when it was released. Until now, Cash Splash has remained one of the best slot games to play in online casinos.


If you’re into Norse Mythology games, test your luck and bag the jackpot on Thunderstruck. Similar to Cash Splash, it is also manufactured by Microgaming and was released in the 2000s in line with the wider software upgrade of the game provider. Although there is already a sequel of this game entitled ‘Thunderstruck II’, players still can’t get enough of the original game. 

You can meet different gods on the reels such as Thor, Zeus, Athena and more. There are also wild and scatter symbols that will increase your winnings in every spin. Additionally, Microgaming is popular for creating spectacular games that will transcend you to a different time just by playing their games. Are you ready for an adventure? Play now and you’ll see what we mean.

Mega Moolah

If you’re familiar with the biggest wins in slots, Mega Moolah is one of the games that allowed a player to stash a huge total of £13.2m in just one sitting. Although it is still a game of chance, wouldn’t it be better to try it now since a player has already won a large payout that can also happen to you in no time? Of course, so hurry up and play it now since there’s no better time than today to win.

It is a jackpot slot that even surpassed one of Microgaming’s best games which is Major Millions. If you’re ready to win big today, spin the reels now and experience a win you will never forget here in Slots Bonuses.

Tomb Raider

Following the success of multiple games created by Microgaming, another online slot in the form of Tomb Raider has made it again to the list of the best slot games of all time. It was released in 2005 and the game has 5 reels with 15 paylines packed with free spins, multipliers and Tomb Bonus Round feature. The game immediately became popular because it featured the image of Lara Croft as one of its main characters, attracting many players to try Tomb Raider.