The technology behind live dealer games

There’s something entertaining and thrilling when you’re inside a casino. You can play the night away and take your mind off things even for just a moment. However, you won’t always find the time to visit your favourite casino amongst the daily demands of life. Fortunately, with the innovation of online casinos, you can get the chance to play casino games wherever you are! 

With just a few clicks, you can now access a night at the casino with live dealer games at the comforts of your home. Whether you want to bet on the banker or player in baccarat or bluff at poker, a plethora of casino games is waiting for you here at!

Before you start, find out everything there is to know about live dealer games:


Just like in land-based casinos, live dealers serve as the hosts of the game and ensure fair play for all players. They have undergone the best training, making them highly knowledgeable about the game rules offered by the casino. This means that even if you’re not physically around a gambling table, there won’t be much difference in the gameplay of your favourite table games.

These dealers are friendly and social, making it easy for players to interact with them through the live chat feature. Aside from that, most dealers are multilingual and can speak different languages such as French, Italian, English and Chinese, among others. With live dealer games, language barriers won’t be a problem!

High-resolution cameras

Live dealer games are possible through the use of high-definition cameras. They play a crucial role in streaming live games to players residing in different countries so they can witness the game in real-time.

Most live dealer games also have multi-camera angles that make the experience more life-like, giving players a sense of immediacy.  

The game control unit (GCU)

Among the components of live dealer games, the game control unit is the most important of them all. It is a device no bigger than the size of a shoebox that is attached to every table used in live casinos. Think of it as the main assistant of live dealer games since it broadcasts the game and encodes the video for security. 

On roulette tables, the GCU is also responsible for pinpointing the winning numbers and placed bets, helping live casinos offer a smooth play for their players.

Studio monitors

Studio monitors help live dealers keep track of the game and the bets placed by the players. This equipment is placed above or alongside the cameras. 

Through these studio monitors, dealers can also see the players who are actively playing, as well as the new players joining the table so live dealers can guide them with the process and mechanics of the game.

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